Virtual speed dating - Now with an after-party and $500 in prizes!
Couple - speed dating

Meet people, not profiles

Couple connects you with real people, not online profiles. Meet your match at our next virtual speed-dating event!

Take back your time

Our speed-dating platform spares you hours of swiping by sitting you at a virtual table with actual dates. Get to know your matches over private video feeds (no awkward first moves required) and meet up to 16 people in a single hour-long event.

Couple - speed dating


Sparks flying with one of your matches? At the end of your two-minute date, select the “couple” option. If your partner does the same, we’ll pass along the digits so you can couple-up again.

Couple - speed dating


Meet your matches without searching, swiping, or stressing. Just log on and start dating!

Couple - speed dating


Forget phony filters and padded profiles. Face-to-face dates lead to more heart-to-hearts.

Couple - speed dating


Socialize wherever you have a screen. Couple brings first-date fun to the comfort of home.

Couple - speed dating

I would absolutely do this on a regular basis. So much better than just looking at someone's picture.

Swiping right on a photo isn’t the same as getting to talk to somebody and really see if you are compatible - Couple is the future of dating.

Couple - speed dating
Couple - speed dating

I think that this is a really cool and fun way to meet new people. It’s great for people new to the city.

Couple - speed dating

Who we are

At Couple, we believe relationships start with a spark, not a swipe.

Our virtual speed-dating events connect you with real people, not profiles, so that you can meet your matches live without ever having to search, swipe, or stress.

Couple. Meet on-screen, prepare for sparks.